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At Advance we understand that every family situation is different and it is for this reason that we offer  flexible ways to make TST  'massage' therapy accessible to as many people as possible.

TST Programmes

The best gains parents notice with TST 'massage' is when the exercises are done regularly. Ideally 6 days a week. 

Families fit the exercises in around their daily lives and the exercises can be given at one time or two or three sessions during the day.

They are really easy to apply, once you learn the exact pressures and positions, and can be done when you are away from home or on holiday as there is no specific equipment needed.

UK families generally learn TSTover 3  two hour training sessions.However if there are a number of helpers being trained this is best done over 5 two hour training sessions.

Families from abroard generally  learn over 5 two hour training sessions.

A one hour evaluation preceeds training .

The costs are £50 per hour  


1 hour session HBOT is £40

90 mins session HBOT is £60







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