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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

The history

Over the last 40 years Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has been used in many conditions to:

  • aid in the development of new blood vessels where proper circulation is lacking
  • increase oxygen absorption when blood flow is diminished or blocked
  • help white blood cells fight off infections
  • provide and increase antioxidants and other free radical fighters in the body
  • aid in the dilation of arteries so that oxygen starved organs can access vital nutrients


Specific Conditions

HBOT has been gaining recognition  as a comlementary therapy for many conditions including:

stroke,  slow healing or infected wounds,   brain injury,  cerebral palsy,  autism,  MS and other neurological conditions,  sports related injuries,   accidental injuries such as cuts, bruises, fractures, sprains or burns,  recovery from surgery, including plastic surgery,  recovery from the effects of radiotherapy and radiation,  ME,  migraine,  lyme disease and fibromyalgia. 


The early pioneers in HBOT for children

In the 1990’s Linda Scotson and Dr Philip James pioneered the use of HBOT for children with cerebral palsy. More recently independent physicians have been recommending HBOT for children with autism and ADD/ADHD.


Advance Centre’s HBOT Chambers

Advance Centre has 2 HBOT chambers - a large 10 person chamber where the children wear oxygen hoods with free flowing air, or uniquely we have a smaller “Thomas the Tank Engine” chamber which fits a responsible adult and child comfortably.  In this chamber both parents/caregivers and the child can breath the oxygen freely and relax and enjoy the benefits of this therapy without needing to wear an oxygen hood or mask.

Both our hyperbaric chambers are fully insured. Our staff who operate the chambers are trained to the specification as required by our insurers and current UK Government regulations. Further, both chambers are serviced annually by qualified engineers to retain their optimal and safe operation.


A parent’s experience of HBO at Advance

Mehed’s story is a typical example of the positive reports we have of children’s progress after having HBOT in conjunction with TST.

            “My son was diagnosed with severe autism and learning difficulties. He struggled with poor communication, auditory processing difficulties and self injurious behaviour. He spent 3 days at Advance Centre for TST and HBOT. The results were surprising and amazing. After 5 sessions of HBOT I felt his articulation was very much improved. I started understanding what he was trying to say. He had more words than he usually had before”.

            “Recently I visited the Centre again for HBOT. My son was very happy in the HBOT chamber. It was very surprising for me when he went on his own into the chamber. This was a huge improvement. There was a lot of improvement in his behaviour compared to the first time and noticeable improvement in his understanding and language.”

            “I am very pleased with his progress and I would like Mehed to continue to receive HBOT and TST treatment. My hope for him was that one day he would speak and that his behaviour problems would diminish. It seems to me that my dream has come  true because of the help and support of Advance Centre".

           "Without HBO and TST I do not think that  his quality of life would have changed. I am very thankful to Linda and  her team who devoted a lot of their time to help Mehed and me.”


Other Conditions

Although the principal focus is to provide HBOT for children with neurological problems, we can by arrangement accept adults with conditions such as strokes, ME, MS and Parkinsons  fibromyalgia,  Lyme disease,  post radio therapy and migraines where personal reports and case histories have in the past indicated HBO has improved quality of life. We can also accept sports injuries, post operative conditions and accidental injuries as HBOT is known to help speed up the healing process.


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