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New article published in 'What Doctors Don't Tell You' magazine about TST for Epilepsy


Please click on the following link to enjoy reading how one of our families personal experiences applying TST has helped...

More information

A local Cornish Newspaper Review of Linda Scotson's recent Seminar


Gill by his mother


Medical History

Gill was born in July 2006 after an extremely difficult birth. He was eventually delivered after becoming wedged in the birth canal, though his head had been born his shoulder ...

A date for your diary - 11th March 2016


On 11th March 2016 we are having our 1st Advance Conference in Cornwall.... Why breathing matters for all disabled children.

Advance teaching TST in the Republic of Ireland


Last August an Advance parent invited Linda to give a seminar in a beautiful small town called Mallow, near Cork in the Republic of Ireland. Advance is now delighted to be visiting Mallow 3 times a ...



Press Release: Just4Children and Advance, (Advance Centre for The Scotson Technique (TST)), to work together

Just4Children and Advance, the pioneering charity for children ...

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