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Press Release: Just4Children and Advance, (Advance Centre for The Scotson Technique (TST)), to work together

Just4Children and Advance, the pioneering charity for children with neurological challenges and brain injuries are pleased to announce that they will be working closely together to help children with a broad range of needs from cerebral palsy to autism.

Just4Children can help families with disabled children fundraise for treatment and therapy at the Advance Centre and may also support the cost of the children’s initial evaluation and the first therapy-training course (including a supportive course of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) if necessary).

Linda Scotson, Advance’s Director, says, “We are thrilled that we have been chosen by Just4Children to be one of the therapies and charities they are happy to support and fundraise for. We both share a common aim to support as many families and children as we can.”

Sheena Dunne, the Chair of Just4Children, enthuses further, “Advance is a world renowned treatment Centre and we are delighted that we can assist their children to get the treatment they badly need and deserve.”

Advance Centre is a ground breaking, innovative, friendly not-for-profit charitable organization based in East Grinstead, West Sussex. Parents' reports of their own children’s achievements traveled fast throughout the UK and the wider world. Thus, a new future for brain injured children was established. 

 The Charity was founded in 1993 by Linda Scotson as a way to help other children with brain injuries and neurological challenges and their families, as she had her own son Doran.  Doran has Cerebral Palsy and was not expected to walk. Through her research and TST, Linda was able to support Doran’s improvements and he not only learned to walk, but has run a number of half marathons.

 The ground breaking part of Linda’s work was that she found that the same muscles that we use for breathing are also used for circulation and posture and that these muscles although weakened by neurological issues could be strengthened by a unique type of massage which she developed and called The Scotson Technique (TST).

 Furthering the research, Linda will complete a PhD, undertaken at The Institute of Child Health, University College London in March 2016

 Linda and her team train parents in TST which they then apply to their children in their own homes.


Twitter: @advancecentres

Facebook: Advance: The Institute for The Scotson Technique

Tel: 01342 311 137


Twitter: @just4_children

Facebook: Just4Children

Tel: 01892 710 155


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