"... there has been an amazing transformation in him...He can also understand much more of what you tell him, and follow simple instructions."

Paul's Story: Global Development Delay

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Global Developmental Delay

Paul is 5 years old.  He was born at 32 weeks and suffered severe brain damage due to lack of oxygen.  When the doctors told us that Paul had serious injuries, they said he might never walk, see, hear or speak.  As Paul grew up, he physically developed normally (he could walk, hear and see) but he did not develop mentally. He was given a medical diagnosis of global developmental delay.

Unaware of the world around him

At four, Paul lived in a world of his own.  He couldn't speak or communicate with us.  He couldn't even tell us when he was hurt, he didn't interact with other children or even adults. He wasn't aware or interested in the world around him.  He refused to walk any distance or do any kind of physical exercise.

TST - an amazing transformation

We heard about Advance and a few weeks later we were able to start the Scotson Technique (TST) with Paul.  Since then, there has been an amazing transformation in him.  He has found ways of communicating with us, now he tells us when he is hurt, and can indicate what he wants.  He can also understand much more of what you tell him, and follow simple instructions.  He interacts better with adults and children.  He is developing some interests, such us swimming or horse riding.  He has experienced physical improvements too.  His breathing is deeper and he has more stamina.  He still doesn't speak, but he is constantly making new sounds.  

A more fulfilling life

We know we still have a long way ahead of us but now, thanks to Advance we know we can help our lovely son to develop further and have a more fulfilling life.


Following Instructions


Global Development Delay
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