"His speech has improved significantly...Oliver is much calmer and his behaviour is more stable."

Oliver's Story: Autism

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Severe Autism

Oliver is severely autistic with associated learning difficulties.

He was just about to turn 21y at the beginning of the programme.

Progress began 2 weeks into TST

I have now attended the Advance Centre six times over the past 19 months and Oliver continues to build on the progress that he made after the first 2 weeks of starting the programme. 

Speech improved significantly

His speech has improved significantly and although it is still difficult to have a social conversation with him it is much easier to discuss stories and things that interest him than before he started the therapy.  

He asserting his opinion

He is also much more adept at expressing his needs and asserting himself and his opinion about any plans we might be making.

Progressing time improved dramaticaly

Although Oliver has always shown that he has understood what has been being asked of him his processing time of any requests has improved dramatically and there is no longer the need to repeat requests.  

His ability to retain the request and to action any errands has also improved significantly.

Much calmer

Oliver is much calmer and his behaviour is more stable.   

His language has matured and instead of just using learned phrases he is putting his own sentences together as evidenced by the lack of grammar!


Following Instructions


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