"Without Advance I believe none of these improvements would ever have happened.


Megan's Story: Hemiplegia

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MEGAN - By Her Mother

Hemiplegia behaviour problems and Epilepsy

I found out my daughter Megan, had CP when she was 18 months old. It mostly affected her left side, but she also had slight involvement of her right leg.

No hope from NHS

The only treatments we were offered for this condition were all about maintaining her at the same level. No treatments offered improvements, which is when we heard about Advance.

Beginning TST

When Megan started at Advance her balance was very poor, she could hardly walk and her torso was starting to twist and tighten up. She also had behaviour problems and visual perception problems, Megan also developed epilepsy.

Remarkable improvements and seizures free

Now four years on Megan’s balance has improved. Her balance is so much better that she can run, jump, hop, skip and do roley poley’s with her friends.

Mother's view

We never imagined any of this could be possible. Megan’s behaviour problems are also improving and as so for her epilepsy, Megan has been seizure free for over two years and free of medication for nearly a year.

Without Advance I believe none of these improvements would ever have happened.


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