"Within two months we could see obvious improvements...He had more stamina and moved more quickly and easily."

Jerome's Story: Neurological issues

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Jerome's Story

A double challenge

Jerome was born in 1997, with hydrocephalus and spina bifida.

Due to this challenge he underwent several surgeries to try to correct his club foot and to insert a shunt to control hydrocephalus as he had no bladder or bowel control.

Eating disorder

As he grew Jerome steadily put on weight making it more and more effortful for him to move. He did not seem aware when he was full, he just went on eating. His sleep was poor and his progress at school was slow.

TST seemed so light and gentle

In November 2006 we read about the Scotson Technique, we were very interested and started in 2007. At the beginning it seemed impossible that something so light and gentle could work, but we continued for the sake of Jerome. Within two months we could see obvious improvements.

Improved academic performance

Jerome’s body structure changed, his shoulders opened out and his neck grew longer and he lost weight and stopped being so addicted to food. He had more stamina and moved more quickly and easily. His academic performance at school also improved a lot.

His sleeping pattern improved tremendously

He became happier and more positive in outlook. His sleeping pattern as well as his eating habits improved tremendously. We can now begin to see that Jerome will go on and make more and more improvements. We thank everybody who made it possible for us to attend this training and bring a change in Jerome’s life.


Body Structure


Neurological issues
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