"We felt very lucky we can be part of The TST programme and apply this unique technique on Charlotte. We are noticing a great improvement in clarity of Charlotte´s speech (as well as quantity."

Charlotte's Story: Spastic CP

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Charlotte's Story by her mother

Spastic Quadriplegia

Charlotte was born with her twin sister Emily on 2nd of December 2006 as a twin 2 at 26+5 weeks gestation by caesarian section and they both weight less than a kilo. (Charlotte was 970 gms, Emily 835 gms). They stayed in Neo-natal unit at Airdale Hospital in Steeton for three months and they both were in a very serious condition. Initial brain scans of the girls were normal but they were very vulnerable and suffered many problems including jaundice, infections, anemia and severe breathing difficulties which in Charlotte case led to a severe brain damage. The second brain scan, (after Charlotte stopped breathing and had to be resucitated and ventilated again), shown cystic periventricular leucomalacia causing cerebral palsy – spastic quadriplegia.

Sunny Persolnality

Charlotte is a bright little girl with a sunny personality and a great sense of humour, who makes us always laugh. We have been trying therapies since our daughter was 8 months old and Charlotte never stopped amazing us with little suprises of improvements.

Charlotte started the TST at Advance centre in East Grinstead when she was 8 years old. We were warmly welcomed and it was explained how important diaphgram function and improved breathing are in children with cerebral palsy.

Greater improvements in speech

We felt very lucky we can be part of The TST programme and apply this unique technique on Charlotte. We are noticing a great improvement in clarity of Charlotte´s speech (as well as quantity :). Her ribcage which was sticking out has gone down and her posture certainly more stable in different positions.

Her mind is more positive and she even asks for doing therapies herself.

Her health has improved after Mrs. Scotson suggested gluten and sugar free diet and her energy levels don´t drop up and down so severely through the day as it used to.

Fantastic Progress

Charlotte´s spasticity remains severe and although she can´t sit, walk, kneel, toilet, dress or eat independently she is making a great progress with less help needed. She can now walk in her walking frame and perform fantastic positioning and floor exercizes. Charlotte can sit on a physio bench for 10 minutes now or  sit cross legged without falling. She is trying to feed herself and she is able to hold herself in four pointed kneeling for 10 to 20 seconds! 

She gives a so much love and happiness

Charlotte hobbies are horseriding on her beloved pony Coco at the local Riding for Disabled centre and she loves swimming, baking or playing games with her sister Emily. Scotson technique has been on our daily shedule for one year now and we can´t wait to see further progress in our beloved daugher who is giving us so much love and happiness.

Thank you

Thank you to Advance Centre for our new hope and our sincere thank you also to Caudwell children charity for sponsoring this treatment and to enable Charlotte to visit Advance centre three times a year.


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